Professor of Italian

Languages had always been a personal interest of Ilaria’s, even before teaching language became her profession. She began her language studies at the Liceo Linguistico Pascoli before continuing at the Institut Francais.
It was this initial passion that led Ilaria to pursue a degree in Intercultural Studies, which was followed by various experiences in the field of intercultural education for young immigrant students in the Florence area. Her passion for languages later took her to Madrid where she collaborated with various language schools and with the Erasmus program. In Madrid, Ilaria was part of a team at a linguistic consulting agency where she taught individuals and groups of managers of notable companies with commercial relations with Italy.
Ilaria’s experience abroad was enriching and stimulating—it definitely left its mark on her professional path, which is why she decided to dedicate herself to teaching Italian to foreigners at various schools in the Pisa and Florence area until she was hired to be a full-time instructor at the Istituto Europeo.


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10 May 2015