When I arrived in Florence 3 months ago, I had some doubts about my stay here in Florence. But my experience here was so good that I decided to stay longer: one year. My internship was by a fashion company. In this company I made a lot of things, but above all I researched for my new collection.
I recommend this experience. But one has to be prepared to make many and different things, for this you need to have initiative and work hard. To improve the language is a good opportunity.
According to my supervisor at the company, hosting student interns is in any agency’s best interest. For a company in the fashion sector, having international interns is essential. In addition to providing a way of working with new people, it creates an environment where a constant flux of ideas comes from students who, coming from different countries, contribute their own unique perspectives to the agency. It’s vital for a fashion company to exchange ideas with others who can share their differing points of view on fashion. Still, the students do not benefit as much as they could, according to my supervisor. While the company provides many opportunities for interns, many of them limit themselves to simple office work.
An internship is a tremendous opportunity for the students, both linguistically and professionally. The student should push their capacities to the limit and show a spirit of initiative during their time at the agency in order to procure the maximum possibilities for their professional futures. In the fashion sector, the most talented students are usually the Europeans, especially the Belgians.
In many cases, the students often end up doing internships more to please their families than to satisfy any interest they may have in research. RESEARCH is in fact the most important element of the internship, according to my supervisor.