Arquitectura Sostenible

Course description:

Historical buildings preservation is essential to maintain and to understand a nation’s heritage. Besides the reuse of existing buildings is an environmentally responsible practice, in fact a primary advantage is that it’s not necessary to waste energy introducing on the site new materials and infrastructures because they are already in place. All this not only makes good economic sense, but preserves our legacy.

Historical buildings can be effectively restored and reused exploiting their old features and introducing the latest technology to provide systems with sustainable features without compromising the historical values.

Course objectives:
The course aims to introduce students into the concept of sustainable design in historical buildings considering an integrated design process, that enable students to achieve the goal of creating high-performance buildings while preserving their existing features. Then it aims to provide the students an effective consciousness about the concept of sustainability and its application in the works of interiors related to renovation and reconversion of historical buildings. By the successful completion of the course, students will be able to develop a right comprehension of the latest systems and technologies to achieve a whole energy saving following the basic principle of reuse/reduce/recycle.

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