IE’s Internships Program gives students the opportunity to achieve beneficial work experience in their field of choice by interning in one of Florence’s businesses, studios, offices or modern industries. Students are able to gain knowledge of international business etiquette while working in Florence and studying Italian in a professional setting.

We offer a wide variety of opportunities in the following fields:
Accounting, Advertising/Marketing, Air and Ocean Transportation, Architecture, Art, Bartending, Coaching, Communications (Radio, TV and Film), Concert and Event Coordination, Culinary, Cultural Management, Customer satisfaction, Disc Jockey, Education, Fashion, Finance and administration, Industry, Government, Graphic Design, Handicraft Apprenticeship (Leather, Ceramics, Pottery, Ironwork), Healthcare, Hospitality, (Hotel and Restaurant Management), Information Technology, International Business, International Education Advising, International Logistics, Journalism, Law, Legal Compliance, Marketing research, Natural stones inlaid work (Florentine Mosaics), Pharmacology, Photography, Public Relations, Quality control, Security, Social Services, Sports Management, Sports Physiotherapy, Study Abroad Office, Tourism, Vending, Warehouse Management, Web Design, Wine Industry

Dates – Internships Program
Internships are offered year round and begin on specific dates every month. Ask the IE secretary for further details.