Terms & Conditions

Conditions of participation: Course enrollments must be sent to the ISTITUTO EUROPEO with the tuition deposit preferably 30 days before the beginning of the course.

REGISTRATION FEE: A registration fee of 70 Euro, valid for 12 months, must be paid.

To enroll it is necessary to pay 50% of the fee(s) for the chosen course(s) and the registration fee of €70.

Course enrollments made at the ISTITUTO EUROPEO on the same day that a course begins, must be paid in full, at the time of enrollment.

All payments may be made by International Post Money Order or by International Bank Cheque, by Bank transfer (without charges for the beneficiary) or by credit card (see enrollment form).

Final Payments: The course must be paid in full no later than three days after the beginning of the course, and under the conditions stated in the enrollment confirmation. Course payments cannot be transferred, for any reason, from one student to another.

Notification of a course cancellation must be sent to the ISTITUTO EUROPEO by certified letter, fax, telegram.

If the cancellation occurs:

  • If the cancellation is received within 30 days prior to the beginning of the course, 70% of the course deposit will be refunded.
  • If the cancellation is received less than 30 days prior to the beginning of the course the entire deposit will be withheld. After the beginning of the course, students forfeit all tuition money received.
  • After the beginning of the course, students forfeit all tuition money received by ISTITUTO EUROPEO.
  • No refunds will be made to students who decide to withdraw from the school once the course has begun.

The registration fee will not be returned in any event.

In the event of a cancellation after the visa has been issued (and therefore after having sent the application to our offices), the refund will be given only if your visa has been cancelled with proof of documentation that displays that the visa has been cancelled from the certified Embassy or Consulate. Cancellation does not mean that your visa application has been denied, but instead it means that you are cancelling a visa that was issued prior to the cancellation.
ISTITUTO EUROPEO is not responsible for course cancellations related to students who have not been able to obtain a student visa.

Insurance: Neither the ISTITUTO EUROPEO nor the apartment landlords are responsible for accidents, illnesses, thefts or loss of personal belongings. It is therefore recommended that students acquire their own insurance policy.

Lessons: Lessons are held Monday through Friday in the morning or in the afternoon. Lessons are not held on National or Religious holidays recognized by the Italian state. Lessons missed for reasons related to holidays or student absence in general are not recuperated. 1 lesson: 45 minutes

Academic Rules: The Administration of ISTITUTO EUROPEO reserves the right to expel students whose ethical or academic behavior is detrimental for the school or fellow students.

Housing Assistance: The housing options are available for check-in, 1 day before the start date of the course (usually Sunday), and check-out is at mid-day following the last day of the course (usually Saturday).

ISTITUTO EUROPEO does not own any apartments or housing facilities, but acts purely as an intermediary between the apartment owners and the students. Students are not required to use the ISTITUTO EUROPEO’s housing assistance in order to participate in the courses. Students may also contact one of the several housing agencies in Florence for assistance.

Responsibility: ISTITUTO EUROPEO is not liable for any arguments or problems between the students and the landlords.

Housing Regulations and Rules

Students will pay rent and utility fees directly to the apartment owners on a monthly basis (in cash) or to the hotel (cash/credit card). Students must abide by the rules established by the apartment owners and those established by Italian Law. (Example: Anti-terrorism laws in Italy prohibit you from hosting others in your apartment. Students may NOT host friends or family in their apartments). Your landlord is responsible for broken pipes or other objects that break due to normal use.

There will be no expected refund in the case a student decides by his or her own will to leave their assigned apartment before the rental period is up.
He/she is NOT responsible for clogged toilets, sinks, shower drains, or for broken objects due to improper use.

Istituto Europeo is not responsible of the continuity of the Internet Service offered to its students, as like as any damage or failure that might happen to the portable PC of the students and logged into our network

Discounts and Special Offers: Discounts and special offers will be applied/valid only at the time of enrollment and can neither be accumulated nor transferred to another student, and nor can they be transferred to another course.
Changing Courses: Once the enrollment has been completed and the certificate issued, it is not possible to change the course of study.

Variations of dates, courses, programs, prices: The Administration reserves the right to make adjustments or changes to the dates, courses, programs or prices as it sees fit and without forewarning.

Personal Data: By enrolling you authorize ISTITUTO EUROPEO to utilize your personal data within the legal parameters of art. 13, Law n. 675/96 – Privacy Act.


Residents of the EU countries do not need a visa. They should, however, obtain an E111 form from their local National Health Service in order to be eligible for free medical care in Italy.

Students from outside the European Community who require a Visa in order to study in Italy must contact the nearest Italian Consulate or Embassy in their country for information regarding the necessary documents and procedures. ISTITUTO EUROPEO is not responsible for course cancellations related to students who have not been able to obtain a student visa.

Acceptance of the above: By signing the enrollment form to be sent by post or fax, or by completing the on-line enrollment form, you are accepting to abide by the above terms and conditions of participation.


Fill in the enrollment form and send:
– 2 recent photographs
– Receipt of the payment of 50% of the chosen course(s) + €70 registration fee.

paid by:

1) International postal money order, made out to:

Via Del Parione, 1 (Tornabuoni)
50123 Firenze

2) Bank transfer (without charges for the beneficiary) to:

Name of beneficiary: SIRIO s.r.l. (Via del Parione 1, 50123 Firenze, italia)
bank account number 2772128
Name of our bank: UniCredit S.p.A.
Address of the bank: Via Vecchietti, 11 – 50123 Firenze
IBAN: IT14U0200802837000002772128

3) Credit card (see enrollment form).
The secretary will confirm registration, sending the address of accommodation in Florence and the Registration Certificate.
The registration fee will not be returned in any case.