Professional Courses

These courses are recommended for those who require a professional knowledge of Italian for their jobs. The objective is to create a specific lexicon that permits the student to master all the elements needed for his/her job.

Italian For Tourism

The course is designed for those who have contact with the tourism industry (hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, etc.) at any level. A technical language based on various aspects that compose the world of tourism is taught, be it on an oral level or on a written level, to enable the student to work and communicate correctly using the linguistic knowledge relating to his/her field of interest. For example, in the hotel industry the student learns how to write a letter of confirmation, how to answer the telephone, expressions used, etc. Aspects of psychology and geography of tourism are included, as well as information about the Italian laws regarding tourism and current trends in Italy. The course prepares the student practically, linguistically and technically.

Italian For Business And Commerce

This course is recommended for those who work in trade, import-export and business in general and for those who need a working knowledge of specific business terminologies. The course focuses on oral and written expression forming a correct and appropriate epistolary style. This, in turn, gives the student the ability to work and communicate using a specific and technical language. In addition, the teacher provides a basic teaching of the laws that regulate the economic relationship Italy has with other countries, thus giving a global vision of the system.

All the supplementary, professional and cultural courses are reserved only for those who are enrolled in a language course.

The course must have a minimum of 3 students enrolled. Private lessons may also be arranged.