Free Time in Florence

One of ISTITUTO EUROPEO’s goals is to create a family-like atmosphere within the school so that the students get to know each other and feel at home. With this aim in mind, cultural and recreational activities are offered daily to students who would like to join the fun. The students must pay for their own museum or theatre tickets, transportation costs and all meals while out on field trips.

Parties, Lunches and Dinners

During their stay in Florence students are invited to participate in parties, lunches and dinners in typical Florentine restaurants with friends and teachers.

Trips and Outings

Guided trips are organized on Saturdays or Sundays to interesting artistic and cultural places such as Siena, San Gimignano, Lucca, Assisi, Pisa, Urbino, Orvieto, and Ravenna. In the summer, seaside destinations are preferred, such as Le Cinque Terre and Torre del Lago. Trips are also planned to Rome and Venice.

Artisan Workshops and Markets

Florence is famous for its mosaic and leather products, jewelry, and restoration of antiques. For this reason we offer students the chance to visit the workshops of some of Florence’s master craftsmen.

Films and Shows

Films by famous Italian directors (Fellini, De Sica, Scola, Bertolucci, Salvatores, Tornatore, etc.) are shown weekly at ISTITUTO EUROPEO.

Musical Encounters

Each month musical encounters are organized: some are dedicated to the listening and reading of various modern Italian singers and songwriters (Lucio Dalla, Claudio Baglioni, Ramazzotti, Zucchero, etc.) followed by explanations of the lyrics. Other encounters are dedicated to the listening of passages from important operas with explanations of the global significance of opera and the lyrics of the libretti.