Housing in Florence

Living in another country requires flexibility and an open mind to adapt to different ways of thinking and living. The type of lodging the student selects for his/her Florentine stay is therefore very important. ISTITUTO EUROPEO suggests different possibilities; however, please note that the accommodation is at the student’s disposal from 1 day before the beginning of the course until 1 day after the end of the course.

ISTITUTO EUROPEO does not own any apartments or housing facilities, but acts purely as an intermediary between the apartment owners and the students. Students are not required to use ISTITUTO EUROPEO’s housing assistance in order to attend the courses. Students may also contact one of the several housing agencies in Florence for assistance (see below).

IN AN INDIVIDUAL APARTMENT: For those who desire complete independence or those who want to come to Florence with family or friends.

IN A STUDENT APARTMENT: For those who want to share their experience with Italians, other students or with the owner, in furnished and well equipped apartments.

IN A FAMILY: For those who want to learn about Italian life style first-hand using the language and adapting to another way of thinking and living. The word ‘family’ should not be taken too literally, because your family could also be a single parent or a childless couple who take in students because they enjoy the company.

OTHER POSSIBILITIES: Furthermore, it is possible to make reservation at pensions, hotels, residence or religious pensions.

Accommodation: Indicative Prices
Individual apartment (4 weeks, excl. charges: light, water, gas)
800 – 1200
Apartment for students (4 weeks, excl. charges: light, water, gas)
Single room
450 – 540
Double room (per person)
370 – 450
Family (4 weeks, incl. charges)
Single room with breakfast & dinner
850 – 920
Double room with breakfast & dinner (per person)
750 – 820
Hotel/Pension (per day)
Single room
60 – 100
Double room (for 2 person)
105 – 140

Housing Regulations and Rules

Students will pay rent and utility fees directly to the apartment owners on a monthly basis (in cash) or to the hotel (cash/credit card).

Students must abide by the rules established by the apartment owners and those established by Italian Law. (Example: Anti-terrorism laws in Italy prohibit you from hosting others in your apartment. Students may NOT host friends or family in their apartments).

Your landlord is responsible for broken pipes or other objects that break due to normal use.
He/she is NOT responsible for clogged toilets, sinks, shower drains, or for broken objects due to improper use.

There will be no expected refund in the case a student decides by his or her own will to leave their assigned apartment before the rental period is up.

For a professional housing service, we suggest that you contact one of the following housing agencies: