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Florence is not a city like others . The greatest museums, galleries, cathedrals in the world are in Florence . Florence has become a bustling and vital modern city today: its quaint squares buzz with Vespas, shoppers and tourists stroll the piazzas in search of the latest styles, and countless trattorias are alive with conversation and amazing cuisine. Florence has a magic. In Florence, everything speaks of history, seduction, romance…. Everyday you will wake up in beautiful scenery and be driven to a new adventure in your new life in the city of Dante & Michelangelo, surrounded by the river Arno, by the ancient buildings and by the unforgettable atmosphere of a past that nevertheless never ends.

The Italian language school ISTITUTO EUROPEO, situated in the heart of Florence on the corner of Via Tornabuoni, one of the city’s most beautiful and famous streets, has specialized for several years in teaching the Italian language, art, music and culture to students from all over the world. The Istituto Europeo is the best place to study abroad in Florence.


Four weeks in Florence.

Two courses at Istituto Europeo (All courses are taught in English. Courses require a minimum of 8 students. Students are requested to indicate an alternative course selection.)

Students will receive an Italian Transcript from IE for courses taken.

Classes run Monday through Friday of each week.


Ages 15 to 18

Currently Enrolled in High School

Students select 2 courses from the list below, plus one alternate course.

The Italian Language (3 Credits)

A course must have a minimum of 8 students enrolled, courses with less than 8 students will be cancelled.

Each weekday morning, you’ll attend Italian classes geared to your skill level, learning to master conversational and written communication as you practice linguistic structures and tenses, with a focus on proper pronunciation. Students with more advanced skills can focus on more complex sentence structure and verb tenses. The emphasis is on reading, writing and comprehension.

But most of all, you have the entire city of Florence as your classroom! Whether you’re a total beginner or practically fluent, you’ll be amazed at how much better your Italian becomes and just how much fun learning a language can be when you immerse yourself in the culture.

The program offers three levels of classes to choose from, with placement dependent upon previous Italian language experience as well as your own comfort level.

Elementary Italian

The beginning class, covering basic pronunciation, sentence structure, numbers, present-tense verb conjugation and the introduction of past tense.

Intermediate Italian

This class picks up where the elementary class ends, covering more in-depth use of the past tense, along with the imperfect, future and conditional tenses as well as subjunctives.

Advanced Italian

The ideal class for students desiring greater proficiency in Italian conversation as well as composition. The course employs readings and discussions on contemporary subjects.

Cultural & Business Courses (3 Credits)

A course must have a minimum of 8 students enrolled, courses with less than 8 students will be cancelled.

Renaissance Culture & Society

History lives, thanks to IE excursions into Italian history! With the city and countryside as your primary text, you’ll immerse yourself in one of history’s most remarkable periods. In short lectures held twice a week, you’ll develop a deep understanding of Florentine art and culture. Three days per week, you’ll make exciting visits to famous galleries and architectural landmarks that represent the finest examples of Roman and Renaissance achievement. It’s an ideal interactive experience. Destinations include the Uffizi Gallery, Piazza Michelangelo, the Duomo and more!

International Business & World Financial Markets

Get a close look at the way the world really works! Learn how world markets interact and how investors learn to profit as a result. The euro has changed the way the European Union, and therefore the world, does business! Examine the interaction of currencies, which play a huge role in the health and wealth of the world’s economy. You’ll learn about the distinct challenges of running a successful company in the dynamic international arena.

History of the Mafia

This gripping course takes you from the Sicilian countryside to the gangland prohibition wars of New York

and Chicago to the Las Vegas underworld. You’ll get a look at the culture of this infamous organization – its codes and conduct, it’s dominating dons, and the real impact it has on international economics and politics. This course will also take a look at some of the renowned American films that have illuminated mafia life such as The Godfather, Goodfellas, and Casino.

Studio Art Courses (3 Credits)

A course must have a minimum of 8 students enrolled, courses with less than 8 students will be cancelled.

Digital Photography

Improve your picture-taking ability in a city that demands to be photographed. The city of Florence provides you with centuries of artistic and architectural beauty – remarkable subject matter that will give you plenty of inspiration! This course will help you develop an understanding of how to create unforgettable photos using proper f-stops, lighting and composition.

Please note: A darkroom is not featured in this course, and students must supply their own cameras.

Architecture & Art History

This inspiring look at Italian art and architecture will introduce you to world-renowned galleries and take you on tours of legendary buildings. Focusing on the awesome accomplishments of the Renaissance, you’ll enhance your understanding of the Italian influence on painting, sculpture and construction, which still resonates with architects and engineers worldwide. Marvel at the ornate Italian Gothic influence still seen in buildings today and examine the works of legendary masters who defined the beauty and inspiration of great painting.

Drawing & Painting

If you need to indulge your artistic side, this course is ideal. Select either the drawing or the painting

concentration, then view legendary works of Italian art and use them to inspire your own skills. Pursue painting and watercolor techniques or try your hand at Italian-inspired drawing and sketching. Either way, your inner da Vinci will be awakened!

The World of Fashion Design

This is the city where culture and clothing come together! What better place to see how today’s fashion

ideas become tomorrow’s “must-have” trends? You’ll get to peek behind the curtain and the catwalk to learn that the realm of modeling and fashion is not just glitz and glamour. Learn how to draw different garments and suggest bold styles. Examine how fabric, texture and color interact on the page, on the runway, and in the real world. This is big business, and you’ll see the many facets of the Italian fashion industry firsthand on plenty of field trips to fashion hot spots throughout Florence!. Plus, you’ll get the chance to design and develop a fashion idea of your very own!

Enrichment Courses

Get Cooking, Italian Style!

Think you can measure up to the incredible kitchen accomplishments of great Italian chefs? Here’s where you find out! Learn from excellent professional Italian chefs who know how to satisfy big Florence appetites. You’ll be learning from some of the world’s best. And don’t worry, you get to eat what you’ve cooked up after the bell rings! Please note: This course provides unique opportunities to train with renowned culinary instructors preparing truly gourmet meals. Supplemental fee: at the cost.


In addition to the hands-on activities and excursions for each course, students participate in supervised social, cultural and athletic activities in the afternoons Monday through Friday each week.

Sports Activities

Discover Florence Walking Tours

WEEKEND EXCURSIONS AND ACTIVITIES (Supplemental fee: At the cost)

Rome (3 Days)

As the old saying goes, “All roads lead to Rome.” A legendary capital, and one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, it truly is the “Eternal City.” The streets are alive with shops, restaurants, art and entertainment. Get your shopping fix at the Spanish Steps, home to Fendi, Gucci, Armani, Bulgari and Valentino, then stand in awe at the Colosseum and even get your picture taken with a local “Gladiator.”

Venice (2 Days)

Venice is known for its maze of waterways. A gondola ride is a must! But this captivating city is also a true artistic haven, with more great art and architecture per square inch than any other place in the world.


Founded by Roman emperor Augustus Caesar, Siena has preserved its medieval feel. For a classic example, head to Il Campo Square and race to the top of the Torre del Mangia, a 13th-century tower that has an incredible view. Catch your breath in the Piazza, the location of the famed Palio horse race, a colorful yet intensely competitive event among the city’s neighborhoods.

Forte dei Marmi

This is our destination to view some of Italy’s most spectacular coastline, and the upscale shops are equally exciting for serious shoppers! You will love spending time enjoying the amazing location, boutiques and cafés.


What good is time under the Tuscan sun if you can’t find a beautiful stretch of beach? The seaside resort of Viareggio is our destination for all sun-worshippers and beach fans. There’s a pristine expanse of white sandy beach available for catching a few rays or simply taking a picturesque walk. In the evening, we will complete this glorious day in Viareggio with a very special Italian dining experience.

San Gimignano

As you explore the streets of this 14th-century town, you’ll be transported back to the heyday of the Florentine republic. Fifteen splendid medieval towers command the city, including the only one left on the famous Pentagonal Fortress. A careful climb rewards with a breathtaking view. The Piazza della Cisterna sits at the heart of San Gimignano. Surrounding it is a host of museums, galleries and cathedrals, each home to splendid works of art.


Of course we’ll get a good look at the Leaning Tower, where Galileo conducted his experiments on the force of gravity and dared to suggest that the Earth revolved around the Sun. We’ll also take in the Campo dei Miracoli (the Field of Miracles), a grassy square surrounded by stunning architecture.

Cinque Terre

Famously scenic, Cinque Terra will captivate you with its rugged beauty. This signature spot on the Italian Riviera is home to the famous “Five Lands”, five quaint villages surrounded by a national park designated as a World Heritage Site. For centuries, the terraced hills and dramatic cliffs have drawn visitors. Being accessible almost exclusively by footpath, train or boat means the many vineyards and olive grove stand untouched by modern development.

The Enchanting Amalfi Coast & Capri Excursion (3 Days)

Enjoy three days and two nights touring some of world’s most scenic towns when you visit the Amalfi Coast – Ancient Rome’s version of the Hamptons – where emperors built villas into the cliffs of Italy’s spectacular coastline. Marvel at the picturesque cliffs of Sorrento and explore the Blue Grotto, Capri’s underwater sea cave. You’ll also visit the celebrity beach playground of Positano and stroll the whitewashed streets of Amalfi. And wait until you check out the famous city of Pompeii – completely covered by an eruption from Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Today it’s a time capsule of life 2,000 years ago.


While in Florence student accommodation (half board) is located in the city center, a few steps from the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, and IE facilities. Students enrolled in our program are offered a safe and relaxing accommodation, fully equipped and monitored 24/7 by their live-in IE (counselor). In some cases, depending on enrollment numbers, housing in hotels may be an option.


Students will be provided with two meals a day. As well as dining at Teatro, cultural and enogastronomic association, students will explore the culinary culture of Italy, sampling the many delights that Florence has to offer.


The IE Summer High School Program is fully supervised and includes a professional staff dedicated to the student group. One staff member is provided for every seven participants, and students enjoy the benefits of IE’s exceptionally strong support network. In addition, staff members stay in student accommodations alongside the group in order to be available 24 hours per day. One staff member will be present for every ten students after hours. IE Staff will assist students throughout the duration of the program to provide advice, support and encouragement.