Music Department

For more than 25 years, the Music Department of the ISTITUTO EUROPEO has carried out an intense didactical and productive activity by offering high-level professional courses and monthly concerts, both inside ISTITUTO EUROPEO and in important historical places. Lessons take place at the Institute, where there are 5 classrooms with pianos.

Individual Courses for Musical Specialization (*Also offered as a group course)

*M1 Course on the history of Italian music 
From the Middle Ages to the development of polyphony – Madrigals and the origins of [the] melodrama – C. Monteverdi – The 17th century – Instrumental music between the 17th and the 18th century – Vivaldi and the violin culture – The 18th century and G. Rossini – Belcanto – G. Verdi – Verismo – G. Puccini and the 20th century – The revival of instrumental music – Contemporary composers – The new musical theatre.

*M2 Course on the history and language of the melodrama 
From madrigalistic comedy to the Recitar cantando – C. Monteverdi – Comic and serious opera (from the 17th until the 18th century) – The Neapolitan School and Neoclassicism – G. Rossini – V. Bellini, G. Donizetti and belcanto – G. Verdi – Melodrama after Verdi and Verismo – G. Puccini – Opera after Puccini and contemporary composers.

M3 Course in musical melodrama with a strong focus on the interpretation of operatic roles
A pianist who is a specialist in the study of opera repertoire, helps singers learn the dramatic and musical aspects of the operatic roles.

*M4 Course on opera libretti 
An experienced teacher guides the students through the reading and the understanding of the libretti and their specific language. After a historical-literary introduction students will analyse excerpts from different operas to understand their specific characteristics.

M5 Course on vocal technique for lyrical singers 
The body is the sound box of the voice. Guided by a professional in vocal technique, the students improve their respiration and learn the correct use of the muscles in order to obtain better sound emission. The course is meant for all students and professionals who want to specialize in lyric repertory.

M6 Course on vocal music of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque 
For those who are interested in specializing in ancient Italian repertory, with particular attention to Italian madrigal literature.

M7 Course on the interpretation of chamber lyrics 
From the 17th century of Giulio Caccini until today: the students closely examine Italian vocal chamber repertory.

M8 Course on Neapolitan music 
A specialist in this particular repertory guides the students through the interpretation and the technical requirements of Neapolitan song.

M9 Instrumental Music Course
Violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, recorder, oboe, tuba, guitar, and so on… This course is ideal for beginners who would like the opportunity to try a new instrument by having a short ‘taster’ series of lessons to learn some basic skills. Our experienced staff will ensure that your first experience of your new instrument is an enjoyable one!
We also cater for university/conservatoire students and professionals who wish to develop their skills on a particular instrument or prepare specific repertoire for auditions or performance.
If you are unable to bring your instrument, or wish to try a new instrument during your time at Istituto Europeo, we can hire instruments for you here in Florence.

M10 Course on diction for singers 
A vocal specialist corrects the diction and teaches the dynamic of the vocal emission by using the correct pronunciation of the Italian phonemes.

M11 Course in piano accompaniment 
A specialist in piano accompaniment guides the students in analyzing and interpreting the score.

M12 Course in elementary / advanced piano playing
The course is meant for people who would like to start or improve playing the piano.

M13 Preparatory Course for Admission to Conservatories and Music Schools, and for Professional Auditions
Students will be asked to take a language placement test and to audition before the courses begin, in order to determine the most adequate level of instruction.
The M13 program is a series of Italian language and personalized music courses which prepare music and vocal students for entrance exams/auditions to any Italian or foreign Music Institute. Our instructors are internationally recognized musicians and singers. Under their guidance, our students have successfully been admitted to the L. Cherubini Conservatory in Florence, the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, Accademia d’Arte Lirica di Osimo, the Choir of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, the G. Verdi Conservatory of Milan and the Conservatories of Amsterdam and Tokyo.

This 4 week program is comprised of a total of 120 lessons of instruction. Courses are held from Monday-Friday and are divided into 80 lessons of Italian in the mornings and 40 lessons of practical and theoretical music courses in the afternoon.


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