Professor of Italian Literature

Zdenka completed her secondary studies in Latin and Greek, noble ancestors of the Italian language, at Florence’s Liceo Classico Michelangelo, where she was awarded her diploma in 1994. She then chose the Faculty of Languages and Letters at the University of Florence where she discovered her passion for literary philology. After obtaining her degree in 1998, she spent three semesters in Stuttgart Universitaet in Germany where she lived in direct contact with diverse cultures and where she developed her enthusiasm for teaching.
The German Ministry of Education appointed her to a post as an Italian language assistance at the Ruprecht Gymnasyum di Neustadt an der Weinstrasse (Heidelberg, Germany).
At the lectern, Zdenka discovered her true talent and received much praise from her supervisors. She passed the Ditals (Didattica dell’insegnamento della lingua italiana) exam at the Università di Siena with the highest marks; she also received the highest marks for her grammar examination at the University of Florence. She was placed on the Stuttgart ministry classification list, where she taught Italian for several months in 2009. Once back in Italy, Zdenka was given a full-time position on the academic staff of the Istituto Europeo where she teaches Italian and history, in addition to giving a very successful monthly lecture entitled “Dante and his Times”.

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10 May 2015