I’ve dreamed of Italy since a young age, when my parents first gave me a book filled with wonderful images and descriptions of the country. My college, University of San Diego, offers some of the best study abroad progams in the country, and when the time came to choose one, it was a very easy decision. Last fall I had the amazing opportunity to study here in Florence. I became infatuated with everything about the city: its culture that mixes modernity with ancient history, its people who come from different cities and countries all over the world to lend their talents to the diversity, and the feeling it gave me every morning when I awoke to the roar of vespas and the smell of leather and freshly baked bread. By the end of my time abroad, I had already made up my mind to return.
That’s when I discovered Istituto Europeo. I am currently studying English, Business, and Communications, and have special interests in journalism and editing, as well as marketing. Istituto Europeo offered me this internship for the summer, which has given me the opportunity to return to my beloved city, and also to gain experience in blogging and marketing, which will greatly attribute to my educational and professional growth. Someday I would like to work in the publishing industry and for now I am happy to any and all opportunities available to me.

During my second stay in Florence, I want to dig deeper into the secrets of the city. I want to visit the museums that are sometimes overlooked and discover restaraunts that deserve more attention. I want to experience the many festivals that take place in and around Florence during the summer. I hope I will get to see this city in a new light, and grow in my understanding of its culture and everyday lifestyle. I’m extremely grateful for my internship here at Istituto Europeo and all the opportunities it gives me to expand my knowledge of Florence.