Professor of Italian Language
Professor of Italian Literature

Fabrizio Ulivieri was born on February 10th, 1956, in Montelupo, Fiorentino. For his entire life he was driven by the impossibility to be what in reality he wanted to be until the day he definitely took consciousness that he needed a redemption. That day came when he met a Magician from Korea.

From that encounter came the tale, THE MAGICIAN FROM GOXIAN. New energy and impulse arose from his regenerated soul, completely inert up to then and injuriously dazzled from a lost life under the powerful agency of a    Maya veil. Originally trained in philosophy Fabrizio Ulivieri now works as a Brand Ambassador & Sense Provider for Istituto Europeo.

He has realized that the real essence of contemporary philosophy can be expressed in every day life and by aiding to people’s basic needs. That’s the sense of the new marketing’s philosophy whose inner aim is to explain how to cope with a world which never cease to fluctuate around you and constantly undermines any attempt to classify and categorize trends and changes.

He has published some linguistic articles in the prestigious Journal Studi di grammatica Italiana, printed by the Accademia della Crusca, and in the German Zeitschrif t für italienische Sprache und Literatur.

He has also published many tales and articles online as well. He was an appreciated collaborator for www.ilciclismo.it for which he wrote stories and satiric reports about cycling. He renounced the collaboration when Matteo (the Director) his inspirational mentor left the online magazine. Now Fabrizio Ulivieri avoids the cycling world because to this day he is disgusted with the hypocrisy of those who lay plots  and those who act naïve on the subject.

Recently published two books: L’Eterno Ritorno, Akkuaria, and Albert Richter un’aquila tra le svastiche. Il ciclismo tedesco tra nazismo ed esoterismo (1919 – 1939), Bradipolibri. He is now an esteemed film critic for the online magazine www.ilpolitico.it and enthusiast promoter of his personal blog: http://milanprincipe.blogspot.com.

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10 May 2015